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In 2012, Bear Grylls and the Discovery Network couldn’t settle on a new contract, and also “Man Vs. Wild” satisfied an unforeseen end, much to the dismay of aspiring survivalists all over. This unfortunate reality can do little dampen the body of work that Bear Grylls left behind over the program’s seven-season run. And also, thanks to the Net and also YouTube, many of Bear’s greatest hits survive forever.

In those seven seasons, Bear drank and eat even more gross things compared to you could depend on your fingers and also toes. He made fatality resisting runs away, unsafe passes across deep gorges, and even demonstrated some survival strategies that would offer you well if you were ever before locate on your own stranded in bushes. There could be little question after seeing him in activity, that whatever it is that Bear Grylls is constructed of, it’s not the exact same stuff that makes up the ordinary person.

So, come take a look at 35 of the best “Male Vs. Wild” moments. If you have actually ever questioned alternate usages for your very own pee, you’ll find a couple here, consisting of just how you can consume it (# 35). And, if you have actually ever wondered how to catch a stingray at night, you’ll figure out just how when you get to # 34 on the list.

1. Munchin’ on Some Zebra

His name may be bear, yet you ‘d assume his name was Lion based upon the way he’s feasting on that zebra carcass.

2. Scaling an Old Railway Bridge

If you’re the type of person that hesitates of heights, after that you might dream of to avert as Bear ascends a disused train bridge. It’s not the climb that’s frightening, it’s exactly what he does to make all of it the method to the top.

3. A Daring Quicksand Escape

Dangerous quicksand would certainly be sufficient to eliminate the majority of people, however not Bear Grylls! Not only does it not kill him, but likewise he shows you ways to run away under your very own power.

4. Mmm… Maggots!

When you’re out surviving in the wild like Bear Grylls, you’ve obtained to consume just what Mommy Nature gives. And also, in some instances, her offering to you is a rotting log loaded with tasty maggots.

5. A Broken Bridge

When Bear aimed to cross over a river in Alaska on a log, points really did not exactly go as he ‘d planned. However, when you eat zebra for a living, such things are just a part of the job.

6. Urine Hat

Out in the suppressing desert heat, Bear keeps one’s cool by doing the only trait he recognizes how: peeing on his shirt and also then covering it around his head.

7. Helicopter Free Fall

Bear just has to reach this private island, as well as a boat trip just won’t do! That’s why he decides to make a treacherous 9000-foot drop from a chopper into the open ocean.

8. Deadly Game Traps

Ever needed to know how you can establish a catch that will crush a chest or one that can spike a terrific elk? Well, Bear Grylls can show you!

9. Elephant Dung Smoothie

Struggling with thirst in the center of the desert, Bear finds a much-needed provision of water hiding in a flawlessly regular pile of elephant dung.

10. Makeshift Vehicle

It’s not Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome, it’s simply Bear creating a makeshift automobile to cross a dried-out riverbed.

11. Bear Forgets His Wet Suit

But that’s not a trouble in any way, because there’s a seal carcass close by. With a couple of flicks of his knife, he’s obtained a brand-new wet suit!

12. Catching Eels

With an unscripted lure, Bear captures an unsafe eel and after that battles with it ashore. He advises that you needs to feel your victim prior to killing it, as it aids to attach you with its energy.

13. Snake: The Various other White Meat

After guillotining a serpent and burying its head, Bear shows how you can correctly enjoy a dish of raw serpent meat. Yum!

14. Spearfishing for Salmon

Fashioning a spear from a tree branch, Bear goings out into the shallows and captures a fresh Alaskan salmon. That’s not all. Wait until you see just what he does next.

15. Bear Grylls Goes Noodlin’

He’s not the initial to catch catfish using this method, yet you need to tip your hat for the method which he honors the noodlin’ tradition.

16. Fishing For Piranha

Using a bow and arrowhead to fish for piranha in a body of water he “assumes is secure”, Bear grabs one, cooks it, and afterwards eats it.

17. Insects for Breakfast

When you’re Bear, you don’t require eggs, bacon and also coffee to obtain you going in the morning. You need a protein-rich mush of insects. It’s the morning meal of champions!

18. Speaking of Eating Insects

In this clip, Bear eats an absolutely unique pest, the tree weta, while he’s in the woodlands of New Zealand.

19. Cooked Bullfrog

Holding a gigantic branch aloft, Bear swings down as well as plucks the life from a bullfrog in a small pond. After that, he roasts it over an open fire for dinner.

20. Swollen Face

Things go pear-shaped when Bear attempts to steal honey from a beehive. This clip will have you grabbing your EpiPen or chuckling at Bear’s alien-like face.

21. Pulling a Luke Skywalker

Just as Luke took sanctuary inside a tauntaun on the frigid landscape of Hoth in The Empire Strikes Back, so too does Bear effort to make a shelter out of a camel carcass.

22. The Spiders!

They claim that people swallow crawlers regularly while they’re resting. Bear Grylls eats them while he’s wide-awake.

23. High-Flying Antics

Bear Grylls isn’t just a monster on the ground, he’s a monster overhead, also. This is exactly what he verifies in this death-defying stunt.

24. Skinny Dipping

How should one cross freezing arctic waters? By stripping down to one’s birthday celebration fit and also swimming across with a block of ice, of course!

25. Buried Alive

Have you ever before wondered just what it would resemble to be buried active in an avalanche? Well, Bear Grylls is greater than pleased to reveal you almost specifically just what that would certainly be like.

26. Sleeping Up In Trees

Animal bears could be quite an issue in the Alaskan wild, which is why this Bear puts together a makeshift hammock to hold him up in the treetops.

27. Bear Give Himself an Enema

Floating on a makeshift boating in the center of the water, Bear gives himself an enema. Literally.

28. Raw Sheep Heart

By eating the raw heart of a sheep, Bear Grylls came to be a lot more powerful compared to he ever before was before!

29. Bear’s MacGyver with Shoelaces

If you thought that shoelaces had absolutely nothing to do with drinking water, after that you’ve never seen this clip of Bear Grylls before.

30. Speaking of Water…

When you locate on your own in the desert without your reliable shoelaces, you can constantly collect water from cacti, as Bear shows here.

31. Almost a Bear Pancake

Remember when Bear climbed that railroad bridge? Well, afterwards he determined to puncture a railroad tunnel, barely getting away with his life.

32. Bear Crosses a Canyon on a Rope

If you had a look at the log-crossing video earlier, after that this one is going to appear eerily acquainted …

33. Do You Want Lunch?

With the globe constantly teetering on the side of armageddon, one would be well suggested to enjoy this helpful Guy VERSUS Wild clip, where Bear explains how you can catch rats for eating.

34. Fire, Water, Burn

Building a fire over the water to entice in a stingray, Bear uses a handmade spear to snatch one right from the water.

35. Drinking Urine

He’s attracted water from a selection of various resources. In the long run however, Bear proves that his body can be a closed system when he consumes his own pee. We’re sure it was an alright vintage!