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When dawn damages the morning of Aug. twenty-one, us senior citizens need to rise and start having fun. We’ll extend as well as consume alcohol coffee, then hurry out to bet it’ll be Elderly person Day.

We’ll take place lengthy journeys to far-away places, to cities as well as communities and also wide-open spaces, with happiness in our hearts as well as smiles on our faces. View castles as well as rivers and also Monolith Valley. Trip Berlin and Pisa, or see Tin Pan Alley.

In jet airplanes as well as cars as well as RVs and also pick-ups, we’ll review areas that scared us to missteps. Snowboarding in the Rockies, drink Guinness in Belfast, or fly off to Paris for French-prepared repast. Play golf at St. Andrews, consume chili in Chile, have dinner in London as well as sing songs with Willie.

The websites we could check out, the hillsides we can climb up. The hills we’ll dominate, if only there’s time. Go back to the areas we held dear in our young people, see ball parks where heroes like Aaron and Ruth played baseball with honesty, valiance and truth.

I’ll quit at a farm to see cute little porkers, after that take a trip back eastern and consort with New Yorkers. I’ll fly to Brazil to hang around in Rio, or jet to Milan to listen to “O Sole Mio” as sung by a tone, or perhaps a trio.

Next stop will certainly be Madrid to go to El Prado. Then off to the West Coastline, LA and also Cor’ nado. The hills of Utah, the Dakota Bad Lands, Seattle’s Area Needle, New Mexico’s White Sands, the Woman of Flexibility as well as just how tall she stands, all prizes I have actually seen as soon as yet something needs that I go back as well as inform them I have actually heard their commands that life deserves living without reprimands.

Perhaps I’ll fish and also capture a big carp or take a cruise lining that’s approved by AARP. I’ll spend this day camping as well as consume just what I like, after that lace on my brownish boots and take long walk. Or, if I locate one, I’ll ride on a camel, an ostrich, a zebra or a few other mammal.

I will not lose a second of this special day. And also if my desire trips take me far, I’ll discover a Best Western and also after that hit the hay. (Of training course, just after I kneel down to hope.)

More likely than not, I will not travel much, by aircraft or scooter and even by car. I could see a movie after that stop at a bar. Because I’m an elderly and also that’s just how we are.