In Asia, it’s the finest time to go to Laos high is little rain at present and the temperature levels are not also high as. Asia, it’s definitely the least beneficial season: the downpour reaches its height over the area, Picking the far better of the ideal is a challenging task and also the end result will certainly more than likely stir debate among those Asia visitors whose well-defined listings of favorites are extremely various with the following.



By August rainfall is nearly at its height. Throughout the nation the plants as well as fauna is in maturity as well as the moats at the Angkor Forehead are loaded with life (avg temp: 29 ° C). When it rainfalls it is often for a few hrs instead than all-day downpours, although these could also take place. One benefit of travelling in Cambodia presently is that the Angkor Temples will certainly be a lot less crowded. On the south shore as well as in even more country regions, for instance Ratanakiri, rains can be heavier as well as a lot more prolongued although completely dry days continue to be expected.


The eastern coastline of the peninsula (Tioman Island, Terengganu, Redang Island and also the Perhentian Islands) is mosting likely to be appreciating lots of warm dry days, along with ideal sea conditions for snorkelling and also diving. This truly is taken into consideration peak period therefore visitor numbers are in their greatest throughout this month. The west shore islands (Penang, Langkawi as well as Pangkor Islands) is going to be experiencing warm and humid problems, along with heavy downpours but these are generally temporary and also can bring a welcome relief to the humidity.

Lowlands and Highlands

Kuala Lumpur, Malacca and Cameron Highlands
Through the centre of the peninsular and in both Kuala Lumpur and also Malacca you might expect low monthly rains although short exotic showers are most likely in the afternoon. The region experiences a regular temperature of 29 ° C, reduced in the Cameron Highlands due to the altitude at a standard of 20 ° C.

West Coast

Langkawi, Penang, Pangkor
The south-west downpour is regularly on the strike over the western shoreline bringing by utilizing it larger mid-day electrical storms and rough sea problems, however, downpours are usually short-lived and sunlight is never far behind (avg temperature: 32 ° C).

East coast

Kuantan, Tioman Island, Perhentian Islands, Terengganu, Redang and Kota Bharu
The good information proceeds the beaches along the eastern shore with great deals of sunshine and also blue skies anticipated throughout August. This really is paired with the perfect sea conditions implying site visitor numbers are high (avg temp: 30 ° C).

Sri Lanka

Despite the summer downpour still blowing in from the Indian Ocean and Bay of Bengal, the south and also west coastline regions typically experience a significant dip in rains during August in comparison to the months either side … a little sunshine sandwich! Temperatures continue to be on top of the coast (avg temp: 29 ° C) whilst up in capitals it could be freezing, especially at night.
Good weather problems are likewise expected in the north and along the brand-new england, making August one of the couple of months that coastline fans may have their pick of Sri Lanka’s beaches.


Rainfall across a great deal of Thailand begins to peak with Chiang Mai and the north typically receiving its heaviest rainfall of the year. Conditions on the beaches as well as islands of the Thai peninsular will certainly be various. The west side of the peninsular gets its heaviest rains of the year during the east whilst there will certainly be rainfall, although very early in the month this is far lower. As September approaches the rains raises with Hua Hin normally offering the far better of the beach problems across the country.

Burma (Myanmar)

No vary from July, although rains will start to decrease to the end of the month. No matter this, any place you travel in Burma you ought to anticipate hefty rains.Temperatures stay high (averaging highs of 27 – 30 ° C )and the coastlines on the west and southern coastline are actually shut with road travel throughout a whole lot of the nation hard, in lots of situations difficult. Are you able to still travel in Burma in August – yes, just. Exist better months to check out – undoubtedly.


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The overall expectation is really blended in regard to weather. The centre of Vietnam remains warm and predominantly completely dry with irregular rainfall anticipated, but increasing in the direction of the end of the month. The south is strongly during the damp period with daily downpours to transform into anticipated whilst the north is well into summer mode abundant in temperatures and constant rain the standard. Site visitor numbers relatively stay reduced and the central beaches still assure a lot of sunlight. Trekking is off the cards in a lot of areas as a result of rain in the northern mountains as well as central highlands.

North Vietnam

Hanoi, Halong Bay, Sapa, Ha Giang Ninh Binh, Mai Chau and also Cuc Phuong
The north of the nation continues to be in summer significance you could anticipate a lot of heat along with rainfall as well as sometimes tornados (avg temperature: 30 ° C). Halong Bay and also Hanoi are at risk to heavy showers right now of the year. The hills to the north will certainly likewise be extremely wet with hiking unadvisable throughout the month.

Central Vietnam

Hoi An, Danang, Tone, Nha Trang, Quy Nhon, Dalat and also Central Highlands
The beaches of Hoi An and also Danang continue to be the pick of the bunch with good climate anticipated throughout the month. Temperature levels stay high and whilst still primarily dry, rainfall is prepared for more regularly in the direction of the end of the month (avg temperature: 30 ° C). Nha Trang will possibly see the very best of the climate, although to the end of the month it may end up being overcast at times. Hue is experiencing greater rainfall whilst to the west the Central Highlands are really very wet making experience activities unadvisable.

South Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh City, Phan Thiet, Mui Ne, Mekong Delta and also Phu Quoc
The south has become securely right into its wet period, luckily this actually is unlikely to be serious, whilst the showers is mosting likely to be slightly much heavier compared to in previous months you have the ability to still expect a lot of dry and also bright hours of sunshine (avg temp: 29 ° C).


Sarawak and Sandakan


Kota Kinabalu, Kinabalu NP, Sepilok, Lankayan and also Selingan Islands Danum Valley, Mabul and also Sipadan Islands

August should see a level mix of excellent climate and also rainy days throughout Sabah including the coastlines of Kota Kinabalu and also Kinabalu NP. The south as well as east of the state may be extremely completely dry, offering an exceptional window of possibility to visit delight in jungle walking and also trekking in Danum Valley, Tabin, and Kinabatangan River … It is a similar tale in Sarawak with dry weather expected throughout the month. August is peak period as well as for that reason very early booking is very recommended
The south as well as eastern of the state may be exceptionally completely dry, giving an exceptional home window of opportunity to visit enjoy forest walking as well as trekking in Danum Valley, Tabin, as well as Kinabatangan River.
( avg daily temp: 28 ° C, avg month-to-month rains: 200mm).


Kuching, Damai Coastline, Mulu National Park, Batang Ai
August is normally one of Sarawak’s driest months and also a fun time to comprehend even more regarding the National Parks, jungle areas, caverns and clearly the coastlines on the north coast. The ever-present possibility of electrical storms remains, although they are probably to take place in the late afternoon or night and could be short, hefty burst of rain rather than consistent drizzle.
( avg day-to-day temperature: 29 ° C, avg monthly rainfall: 205mm).

Slash and Burn in Batang Ai

During July and also August you could witness the results of ‘slash and also shed’ farming, unfortunately exercised throughout a great deal of Asia. New ground is gotten rid of in February and also, as soon as dry, any timber and bush not essential is shed. Terminates are lit throughout the nation as well as especially in rural areas this might create a hazy effect sometimes.