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Like President Obama, August is my birthday celebration month, and birthday celebrations are cause for party, whether they’re your personal or somebody else’s. An additional year may not look like a lot, however by getting on Earth while it walks around the Sunlight once, which is exactly what a year is, you’ve traveled almost 600 million miles.

Since a year is a trip via both space as well as time, among the ways I aim to commemorate every birthday is traveling. When I can, I visit my family members in Mexico– and have the ideal ceviche in the world. That’s not constantly possible, so I have actually hired many others methods to commemorate on the road.

The terrific feat concerning traveling is that it’s not something you do, it’s something you experience, an opportunity to fulfill brand-new people, and see and try new points. If you intend right, you can share it with your pack, human and also canine. As well as whether you bring the family and also canines or otherwise, right here are some points to keep in mind.

Go someplace new

Part of the pleasure of taking a trip is seeing brand-new locations, so when you plan your next journey, rather of the city you have actually been to plenty of times, select someplace else, where you’ve never ever been. There are lots of cities– and also tiny towns, as well as national parks, as well as these are a few of the ideal locations to travel to. Select a new one and also inspect it out.

When you visit a brand-new city, in your country or abroad, do not eat at the junk food chain or shop in the shopping center with the familiar shops. Go where the residents go, do exactly what they do, as well as delight in the area like they do. Seek out things that are special to the location you’re in.

It’s not about the destination

Like life, traveling is not regarding the location, yet the trip. When you get on the plane, or train, or driving your vehicle, do not think of it as an interruption, however as part of the experience. Enjoy the sights in the process, speak with fellow vacationers, ask things, and discover your getaway places. Whether you’re traveling for your birthday celebration, make every action of every trip a celebration!

By: Cesar Millan