travelingA couple of years ago, several organizations got together and also introduced that July would be “Female’s Motorbike Month.” The initiative didn’t ignite the means organizers had wished, however I wish to propose that we take another look at the idea this July. Let’s in fact consider this month “Female’s Bike Month,” and spend the moment encouraging women bikers, travelers as well as possible bikers to get around and experience this wonderful activity.

This year marks the 100th wedding anniversary of Effie Hotchkiss and her mother Avis’ flight from New york city City to San Francisco as well as back – the initial cross-country motorcycle flight for a female in record. Effie rode a 1915 Harley-Davidson ® 11-F with a sidecar attached, and also Avis went along for the journey. In 1915, a cross-country flight was extremely unusual for either sex, and also a phenomenal expedition for a girl and her mommy. Yet Effie intended to see the Panama-Pacific International Exposition of 1915 in San Francisco, as well as Effie wanted to ride her motorcycle. She was a knowledgeable rider and a respectable auto mechanic. Avis recognized that her finest hope of keeping Effie from riding full-tilt throughout the nation was by bearing down her rig with a sidecar, and there was a spirit of journey in mommy along with daughter. The 2 left Brooklyn, New York, on Might 2, 1915, and also showed up in San Francisco in August. After a couple of days at the Presentation, they reversed as well as rode home once more, showing up in October with 9,000 new miles on the odometer.

Effie as well as Avis were leaders, overcoming road conditions that we ‘d never need to deal with today. I typically think about them when my female good friends speak to me about motorcycling. Lots of females wish to set out by themselves, hitting the trail on their bikes as well as going where the road leads them. Some heed the call of the roadway, while others permit themselves to be discouraged. I point them to the story of Effie as well as Avis, and afterwards I speak concerning exactly how reliable bikes are today, and also exactly how cellular phone and also credit cards have actually absolutely changed traveling for all us.

Encourage the females in your life to celebrate Female’s Bike Month. Show them, where they could obtain special motorcyclist’s gain from Ideal Western hotels. Check out Biker Friendly hotels, have journeys and also make motorcycling a part of your common experiences together.