flightsWhile you may be getting used to the suggestion of driverless vehicles, have you thought of the opportunity of sharing the freeway with driverless trucks? Well prepare, because driverless trucks are already when traveling, and prior to you know it, you could be confronted with a squadron of them.

On April 4, 3 automated large gears departed Stuttgart, Germany for a two-day journey to Rotterdam, Netherlands geared up with Daimler’s new Highway Pilot Attach, an electronic vehicle-to-vehicle network that enables vehicles to assess roadway problems with video cameras and radar systems as well as connect with each various other via Wi-Fi. The lead truck examines its surroundings, prepares the rate for the convoy, as well as tells the trucks behind it where to go and also when to brake.

Similar convoys from other European vehicle suppliers such as Volvo, Scania and Iveco are also on their way to Rotterdam this week. And later on this year, self-driving convoys will certainly strike the UNITED KINGDOM

These connectioned independent truck convoys are called squads and “platooning” might help in reducing traffic jam while making roadways much safer. Regular business trucks requirement to leave a gap of concerning 165 feet between each other, but these automated trucks need a gap of just regarding 50 feet, which leaves a lot even more area when traveling for every person else.

While 50 feet may not look like enough area to prevent a rear-end crash, these vehicles could respond faster compared to we can. Daimler claims that human chauffeurs have a normal reaction time of 1.4 seconds, but these wirelessly connected vehicles brake in less than 0.1 second. To make the journey also much safer, each automated vehicle has a motorist prepared to take the wheel if needed– at the very least for now.

In addition to boosted safety and security, Daimler says trucks that take a trip in these squadrons are 10 percent more energy effective due to reduced aerodynamic drag.

How would you really feel regarding sharing the freeway with a Wi-Fi connect squadron of trucks?