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Motorcycle traveling could be tough on your face.

Think of the timeless bicycle rider images – leathery, wind chapped dudes, scrunching up your eyes at the electronic camera. They look rough and also difficult, but let’s be honest, not every cyclist intends to look like that after a few years on a bike.

Adopt these 5 easy suggestions, and you could ride and still look terrific for many years to come.

  1. Add a windshield to your bike if it does not currently have one. Not just will a windshield draw away the wind from your face, it could also shield you against obtaining struck by insects, dust and also various other particles that may remain in your path.
  1. Wear a full-face headgear, and also maintain your face shield shut. Even if you ride behind a windscreen, a full-face headgear can supply better wind and also object protection – however just if you maintain your shield down while you ride.
  1. Seek out a face guard that supplies UV protection. Several colored guards have this function, however there are also clear shields that screen out one of the most harmful rays.
  1. Use a bandana to cover your nose as well as chin, and goggles to cover your eyes. If you decide to wear a 3/4- or half-helmet, a good antique turban can safeguard you from dust as well as sunlight, and also goggles can safeguard your eyes. Not just that – you’ll look super cool. Not that we appreciate that as motorcyclists, do we?
  1. Use a high SPF sun block, and also reapply regularly. Even if you put on a full-face safety helmet with a UV-screening face shield, sunscreen could maintain you from getting the feared “raccoon eyes” tanning pattern around your sunglasses and also safety helmet opening.

Take care of your face – it’s the just one you have actually obtained. And if you resemble me, it needs all the protection it can get.