vacationOne of one of the most awesome events of the year is upon us. No, I’m not talking about March Insanity but the

natural phenomena of Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights, which develops an all-natural impact of intense dancing lights in the sky.

This spectacular screen can appear in numerous colors – pale eco-friendly and also pink are one of the most common, although tones of red, yellow, blue, and also violet have actually been reported. The lights appear in lots of types, also, from spread clouds of light and also arcs, to splashing curtains as well as capturing rays that illuminate the skies with a creepy glow.

Canada happens to be among the very best put on Planet to see the lights in all their glory and also late March is among the finest times of the year to see them (late September is also prime because of the seasonal equinox). Better, specialists agree that nighttime, between 10 as well as 11 p.m. is your ideal possibility to see the program. So obtain those passports prepared, its time for some last min travel!

Most Northern Lights places are found at high latitudes, but the lights can be observed from West to East throughout the top of Canada. Right here are five fantastic places to visit to capture a peek, all with a hassle-free Best Western home nearby!

  • Whitehorse, Yukon
  • Canadian Mountain ranges in Banff, Alberta
  • Cochrane, Ontario
  • Northern Saskatchewan
  • Rouyn Nornada, Quebec

The other-worldly event was called suitably by Galileo in 1619: Aurora is the Roman Goddess of dawn and Boreas is the Greek name for the north wind. Have you observed The Northern Lights first hand? Share your experiences with me in the remarks below.