The profound interplay between history, society and nature makes Lebanon a most eye-catching and captivating traveler location on the planet. Tourist attractions in Lebanon includes a vast array of historical erections, social structures, cities, valleys, prominent tourist sites etc. To obtain thorough and also excellent knowledge of the numerous faces of the nation a trip of the cities of Lebanon is generally recommended.

Lebanon Tourist Attractions

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This tourist attraction in Lebanon is the most effective well-preserved and biggest remains of Roman style. Baalbeck is one kind of the best historical places of the globe as it is the biggest conglomerate of Roman temples ever constructed in this world. Be blown away by its towering columns and massive stones.

The Cedars

This could be an attractive visitor destination in Lebanon that visitors can click anytime of the year. The Cedars resort is popular renowned as a result of its remarkable cross-country and downhill winter sports. These cedars are the ones mentioned in the Holy bible as ‘cedars of Lebanon’.


This traveler place in Lebanon is the host to birth of the popular Lebanese poet, Gibran Khalil Gibran. The place could be found about 1,400 meters over sea level and also includes an exceptional area overlooking the popular cedars of Lebanon as well as the Qadisha Valley.

Qadisha Valley

This visitor destination in Lebanon is suitable for vacationers who’re nature fans as well as appreciative. The Qadisha Chasm provides a very stunning panoramic of the nation of Lebanon. This valley is one sort of the most attractive and also the deepest valleys within the country.

Tripoli (Trablus)

This visitor area in Lebanon is known for the presence of the impressive Crusader Castle that’s located at the north side of the community. The place could likewise be the home of countless notable Islamic monoliths which will truly appeal to you.

Byblos or Jbayl

Essential go to traveler destination in Lebanon where one could see old ruins and also the fantastic city port. Byblos is considered to be the world’s oldest dwelled city. The area could likewise be the resource of the initial Phoenician letters that transformed into the growth of our contemporary alphabet.

Tyre or Sour

Located at the southern side of Saidon, this tourist location in Lebanon is truly a coastal community which was developed with an island. The place is stated in many Egyptian documents during the 14th century making the host to old origin.

Beit Ed Dine

A well-known vacationer area in Lebanon which has a striking Ottoman style of design. The Palace of Beit Ed Dine could be discovered at the heart of the amazing surrounding and the idea of its name is ‘Residence of Faith’. The royal residence was built at the oncoming of the 19th century over the rocky spur that dominates a high and also sudden valley.


A handy vacationer attraction in Lebanon where one can pay a check out to most of the fantastic sightseeing destinations of the nation. Also when the city is extremely war torn, Beirut is frequently on the captivate the heart of the dauntless visitor due to its urbane nature.

Saidon or Saida

Located at the southern side of Beirut, this seaside traveler destination in Lebanon is most definitely an impressive Phoenician state. It matches with Tyre as well as Byblos for naval power. Throughout the power of Darius at the end a part of the 6th century B.C. the town ended up being the funding of the fifth Persian satrapy. You will certainly observe right here an excellent showcase of gardens and also buildings.


Situated on the Beqaa level, Aanjar is the website of the only Umayyad city in Lebanon. It had been constructed from 705 to 715 and also lots of well conserved damages still remain.

Encompassed by well-preserved walls, the substantial city still conserves its initial rectangle-shaped form and stands in between two big, perpendicular major roads offering the entire town.

You can take a trip to the remains of the mosque in addition to the partially rebuilt wonderful palace. There, you could watch the splendid columns reflecting the traditional Umayyad style. The thermal bathrooms, small palace and also numerous shops and also homes will attract you to most definitely go for a captivating walk-through antiquity.


Founded in the 1700s, Zahle, the town with red tiled roofs, was put up on the shores of “al Bardawni” river. Nowadays, dining establishments, coffee-rooms and old homes thrive on each shore. There, you are able to unwind as well as possess a revitalizing drink or maybe a tasty dish under the shadeof trees alongside the rushing river.

Many 1700s churches and abbeys are scattered throughout the town as well as you could observe numerous Bronze Age, Byzantine and Roman relics in enhancement to Canaanite coffins. Zahleh is likewise believed to be the funding of the farming region of the Beqaa along with the wine-producing region widely known considering that Antiquity.