The Grand Canyon in Arizona is among one of the most flocked vacationer location which could elevate the adrenaline thrill of the visitors here. Only the vibrant as well as bold individuals could think of hiking and backpacking at this location. The Grand Canyon is 1 mile or around 1.6 kms in deepness. Every year around 5 million or 50 lakh people see here to appreciate its beauty.

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The Grand Canyon is approximated to be 5 to 6 million years of ages and also the three ‘Granite Canyons’ discovered below contain crystalline rocks developed during the Proterozoic Age. The unusual presence of layered rock provides scientists a consider the area’s history, going back 2 million years. In 1858, scientists started to research the canyon to identify the nature and development of geologic processes in the location. Even though the Grand Canyon provides nature-lovers with an escape from society, people have actually populated the area for thousands of years. Archaeologists have actually discovered artifacts dating as far back as the Paleo-Indian duration, 12,000 years ago. An intensive study of only three percent of the park has caused the exploration of around 4,800 archeological resources.

South rim

The southern rim is the most gone to part at the Grand Canyon because of its simpler accessibility then than the north rim which is 1000 feet greater in altitude than the south rim. South edge is 7000 feet from the sea level as well as is friendly by the roadway. The Inner Canyon consists of every little thing listed below the edge as well as is seen mainly by hikers, mule cyclists, or river runners.

North rim

It rises around 8000 feet from the sea degree as well as continue to be unattainable throughout many component of the year as a result of the snow however still the adventure and the trend of experiencing the nature appeal from the top of the canyon inspires the site visitor to reach this part by road while travelling a distance of around 354 kilometres or by treking a range of 34 kms.

Sight seeing

There are several chances right here for adventurous and also durable persons that wish to backpack, ride a mule to Phantom Cattle ranch, or take a river trip through the Canyon on the Colorado River (which could take anywhere from several days to three weeks – there are no one-day river journeys through the length of Grand Canyon).

Crossing the canyon

These are the adhering to methods to cross the distance spread over in between the south as well as north rim. There is no longer an airstrip on the North Edge of the park. That means that the North Rim village could just be reached by driving completely around – or by treking throughout the canyon.


If you are hiking throughout the canyon, the South Kaibab Trail crosses the Colorado River on a slim foot bridge 70 feet/ 21 m above the water. It is a 21 mile/ 34 kilometres walk to go’ Rim To Edge, ‘with an upright descent- complied with by a climb -of 1 mile/ 1.6 km. This is an overnight treking trip for 99.5 % of hikers.


There is only one method to cross the Colorado River by vehicle, as well as that is 137 miles/ 231 km southern Edge Village through the Navajo Bridge and afterwards a few miles downstream from Lees Ferry, where the Canyon is just 400 feet/ 122 m wide.

Ferry Boat

The Lees Ferryboat Junction as well as Park Entrance are simply west of Navajo Bridge Interpretive Center. A smooth road leads 5 miles( 8 km) to the Ferry location. Solutions offered at Lees Ferryboat consist of a National forest Service camping site, ranger terminal, dump station and also public launch ramp. There is a gas station, store, blog post workplace, motel and also restaurant at Marble Canyon, next to the park entry. A lot more solutions are found west on Hwy 89A.