A all-natural marvel of the world as well as one of Vietnam’s 5 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, stunning Halong Bay exists 160km to the eastern of Hanoi. Over 3 thousand jagged limestone islands leave the emerald green waters of Halong Bay. Some islands are no a great deal even more compared to big rocks various other medication is a lot a lot more significant and have massive cathedral-like caverns of stalactites as well as stalagmites.

Halong Bay Natural Wonder of world

Halong Bay is located in Quáng Ninh province, Vietnam. The bay includes a large number of limestone karsts as well as isles in different dimensions and also shapes. The bay consists of a 120 kilometre long coast as well as is around 1,553 square kilometres in dimension with 1969 islands. A number of the islands are hollow, with huge caves, various other support drifting villages of fishermen, that ply the superficial waters for 200 kinds of fish and 450 different kinds of mollusks. One more particular attribute of Halong Bay is the wealth of lakes inside the sedimentary rock islands, for example, Dau Be island has six encased lakes. Each one of these island lakes occupy drowned dolines within fengcong karst.

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The bulk of the islands are clothed in thick green greenery and ring with the sound of bird tune in the morning hours. Private sandy coves are plentiful as well as in the summertime the warm waters of the bay are best for swimming. Halong’s largest island, and among minority which are occupied, is Cat Ba that has some great coastlines and also a national forest into it.The finest means to appreciate the thrills of Halong Bay would certainly be to cruise among the islands on the wood junk. Fresh seafood can be purchased from the neighborhood fishermen from their rowing boats as well as cooked up for any delicious lunch. For any kind of genuine Indochina of old experience cruise the bay’s emerald waters in style with Indochina Sails Cruises aboard their wonderfully classic 15-cabin replica wooden cruise.

History and Tales:

Like a number of various other Vietnamese towns’ names, Ha Long Bay (literally: ‘Bay of Descending Dragon’) has the beginning from the legend. In the past, Vietnam was gotten into not long after they began developing the country. The Jade Emperor sent out Mommy Dragon as well as her Child Dragons right to assist Vietnamese people. The dragons produced utilizing their mouths numerous pearls, which consequently transformed into thousands of stone islands newing in the sea like wonderful walls quiting the intruders’ boats.
These watercrafts collapsed into the islands as well as got into pieces. Vietnamese won the battle since of the tricky fight field. After the triumph, the dragons decided to stay on the bay and also the pearls still stayed. The location that Mother Dragon landed will certainly be called Ha Long Bay and where Kid ones descended is Bai Tu Long Bay.


The annual temperature level of Ha Long bay is 22,8 oC, perfect for visitors to take a trip throughout the year. The ideal time to visit comes from March to August, due to the fact that throughout this period, visitors have the opportunity to fire exotic photos with blue skies and also sea as smooth as mill fish pond. It’s cloudy and stormy in fall and also chilly in winter months. Particularly, the period between August and also October is the tropical cyclone season.

Where to go

Visitors to Ha Long shouldn’t miss out on Bai Chay coastline (Scorched Beach – near to the shore of Ha Long Bay), whose sand is dark. People typically incorrectly think that this results from the climate or not enough wind in this area. Nevertheless, the weather here’s rather pleasurable as well as the temperature levels are around 22oC. From Bai Chay, you are able to employ a watercraft and also see the bay, where you will uncover some of Southeast Asian best sedimentary rock islands.

The sedimentary rock developments are normally peculiar and also awesome. They’re Thien Cung (Heavenly Palace Cavern) – 4km from the wharf past Ha Long City, Dau Go (Wooden Risks Cave) – 8km south of Bai Chay, Bo Nau (Pelican Cavern), Trinh Nu (Virgin Cavern) – 15km south of Bai Chay, in the island option of Bo Hon, in the heating system consisted of Sung Sot (Surprise Underground chamber), Dong Tien Lake as well as Luon Underground chamber, etc.
Besides Ha Long Bay, you will find Mong Cai – the boundary city with China (visas must have been sourced in your residence nation), Pet cat Ba Island, Hai Phong City as well as Tuan Chau Island – a newly created tourist resort. They all deserve visit to Vietnam!