Best Western’s company tourists invest a great deal more time in cars than on planes, which means a whole lot even more website traffic on the road. Have you seen web traffic worsening in the areas you drive most?

The amount of time business tourists invest stuck in website traffic is progressively enhancing, which is bad for travelers, for their employers or the environment.

Traffic congestion has expanded by 13 percent worldwide in the last eight years according to Tom Telematics, a navigation and also mapping firm. In its annual Website traffic Index Record, Mexico City claims the top place for worst traffic in the globe, taking the dubious crown from Istanbul (2014’s most blocked city). Chauffeurs in Mexico City could anticipate to spend an extra 219 hours in the auto yearly because of congestion.

The issue is widespread across The United States and Canada where traffic jam climbed 17 percent in 2014, while in much less car-centric Europe, congestion just enhanced 2 percent.

The worst cities in the The United States and Canada for web traffic according to Tom are:

  1. Mexico City
  2. Los Angeles
  3. San Francisco
  4. Vancouver
  5. New York
  6. Seattle
  7. San Jose
  8. Honolulu
  9. Toronto
  10. Miami

One of the largest consider congestion is urbanization. People are now returning right into central cities from the suburban areas as well as bringing their cars with them. A brand-new Website traffic Scorecard from Inrix discovered that cities with the worst website traffic problems are those that experienced one of the most financial renovation over the last year.

The record states, “Urbanization remains to drive increased congestion in several significant cities worldwide. Solid economies, populace development, greater employment rates and declining gas prices have actually led to even more chauffeurs when traveling – and even more time thrown away in website traffic.”

How’s the website traffic in your home town? Or where you drive most?


Chris McGinnis is Finest Western’s traveling patterns expert as well as company travel blog writer onĀ